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D52 MIG-3
D52 TB-3"Znevo" (USSR)
D51 Shch-25 (USSR)
D50 Volta (France)
D49 SS Iris (was Minerve)
D48 MB-157
D47 La Melpomène DD
LOCKED D46 Viforul MTB (Romania 5/5)
D45 Stephan the Great(Romania 4:5) (HMS Gorgon)
D72: Fleuret (France) LOCKED
LOCKED D44 Sultan Osman I(HMS Agincourt)
LOCKED D43 Saldiray (Turkey 4-5)
LOCKED D42 USS Suwannee (US 4/4)
LOCKED D41 USS Blackfish (USA 3-4)
D40 Navarra (Spain 5-5)
LOCKED 39 Pipinos (Greece 4-4)
LOCKED D38 USS Augusta (USA2/4)
LOCKED D37 Jamie I(Espana Class) (spain 4/5) LOCKED
LOCKED D36 Comandanti Medaglie (italy3/9)
LOCKED D35 Regele Carol I (Romania 3/5)
LOCKED D34 Georges Leygues (france 3-7)
LOCKED D33 Soobrazitel’ny (soviet 4/7) (29/4/15)
LOCKED D31 Ms.406 (Turkey 3/5) (29-4-15)
LOCKED D30 Puke (Sweden 2/2) (review 19/5-15)
D30 He112 (Spain 3/5) locked
LOCKED D29 Night Attack S-Boat (Germany 2/7)
LOCKED D28 Aetos (Greece 3/4) (5-5-15)
Card Design One
Charles Martel:Gunnery Decision
LOCKED D27 Sovetskaya Rossiya (Soviet 3/7)
LOCKED D26 Cassiopeia (Italy 2/8)
LOCKED D25 Dalmacija (Yugoslavia 2/5)
D24 Mixed Cargo Liner (Neutral 1/1) locked
D23 Midilli CL (Turkey 2/5) locked
LOCKED D22 Charles Martel CV (France 2/7)
R21 General Sanjurjo (Spain 2/5) LOCKED
LOCKED D20 HMS Argus (UK 2/9) Attn: Val!
D19 Pravada (Soviet 2/7) LOCKED
R18 Rechinul (Romania 2/5) locked
D17 Hydra (Greece 2/5) LOCKED
D16 Adatepe DD (Turkey 1/5) - FINISHED
D15 Svärdet(Sweden 1/2) locked
D14 Churruca-class DD (Spain 1/5)Locked
FINNISHED D13 He-111 (Romania 1/5)
D12 I-30 (Japan 1/1) LOCKED
D11 CANT Z501 (Italy 1/9) Locked
D10 Big Willie Shore Battery (Germany 1/7) LOCKED
D9 Torpedo Boat (Bulgaria 1/1) locked
D8 Beograd DD (Yuogoslavia 1/5) Locked
[Review Card] D7 MTB-2 (Soviet 1/7)
LOCKED D6 P38 (USA 1/4) second required
D5 Fairey Barracuda (UK 1/9) Locked
D4 Do22Kg (Greece 1/5) - FINISHED
LOCKED D3 B-26 Invader (France 1/7)
D2 Seahurricane Mk XII-C (Canada) - FINISHED
D1 HMAS Nestor(Australia) - Review Card
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