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We are Done
Warrior (Review Card)
Brummer (Ready to be checked and finaled)
BV-155 (review card)
Hr. Ms. Seomba (Review card)
Lembit (Final)
Saab-18 (review card)
Altmark (review card)
Izmail CV (Redit)
Ruotsinsalmi (Locked)
PZL 37 Los (Locked)
HMS Nairana (Locked)
HMS Berwick (Needs to be checked)
I-31 (Locked)
Penguin (review card)
Peder Skram (Final)
Australia - Sutherland Short (Locked)
HMS Achates (Locked)
Expanded and Edited List - Round 2 (comments please)
USS New York (Locked)
HMCS Ontario (locked)
Ilmarinen (Locked)
Sverige (Locked)
Me-410 (Needs to be checked)
He115 N (Locked)
MB-175T Torpedo Bomber (Locked)
MV Gadila(Locked)
Wicher (Locked)
HMS Danae (Locked)
Tre Kronor (Locked)
Junkers Ju 290 (Locked)
Chapayev (Final)
Leipzig (Ready for card)
Edsvold (Final)
Visby (Locked)
Sukhoi Su-2 (Locked)
Havmanden (Final)
PZL P.11c (Locked)
Sjölejonet (Locked)
Æger (Final)
Tupolev SB-3 (Locked)
FFVS J22 (Locked)
Painleve (Locked)
SS Empire Morn (Locked)
Fokker DXXI (Final)
Maxim Gorky (Locked)
Paris (Re-edited Ready to be Final)
Razummy (Final)
HMS Courageous (Final)
USS Charleston (Locked)
Olav Tryggvason (Locked)
Manligheten (Final)
Togo (Locked)
Gryf (Locked)
Northrop N-3PB (Final)
Anson (Final)
Dragen (Final)
Iroquois (Final)
Starting Cards
Tu-2 (Final)
Hameenmaa (Locked)
Uss Borie (locked)
Wilk (Finalized)
Saab 17 (final)
Open cards
Tama (Final)
Niels Juel (Edited and ready to be finalized)
Marti (Needs to be reditted)
UK Options
Frozen Seas Deck List
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Starting Numbers
Current FS Templates
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Starting list
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